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Supporting Websites

My primary engagement with customers are technical setup for their website, build or upgrade their website, give advice and on-going support which can sometimes include search engine optimisation (SEO). For more details see below or my services page for more information.

Technical Setup

Website host having issues? Can’t get access to your e-mail which is hosted on same server. How do I get my website secure? I can help with these questions and much more!

Some of the areas I help assist with are

* Domain Registration
* Choosing the right web host for your website 
* E-mail setup from your current web host or provide moving your mail to a different system like Google for Business or Office 365.
*Assist with getting your website SSL certificate configured with your web host.

Website Development

I offer a range of web development projects and services. Build a new WordPress website, re-design or even troubleshoot an existing website. Also help with responsive design for your website. 

Some web technologies I use to build your website are

* WordPress CMS
* HTML 5.0 & CSS
* e-Commerce Platforms (Shopify & WooCommerce)
* Divi WordPress Builder & other GUI builders 

Website Support

I see website support or design as an on-going partnership. Website support is a must in this day in age with Cyber Threats and technology moving at a rapid pace. I provide an annual support plan for your website which provides assurance your website is secure and in good hands.

Some of the steps I take to manage your website.

* Run WordPress Updates every 2-3 weeks
* Run security/malware checks every month
* Run performance/speed tests for website and report
* Backups to a cloud provider once a month so if something goes wrong with your web hosting provider we can recover your website data.  

Affordable Pricing for small to medium business

Not just the website, but the technology behind it! Helping from technical setup to on-going support of your website.

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My story

About Me

I’m an IT Technology consultant with vast knowledge in all things technology and especially with web design and the technology that supports it. I’ve always built websites outside my normal 9-5 job as an IT consultant. Clients who use me for their business know that due to my main job I have limited time to build their website so I help them build and learn together from the design, technical information and much more. I work best to fit in their timeframe as required. I’ve always build non-profit, personal along with friends and family websites but I also take in new clients especially the small to medium business who are looking for a cost-effective service.


Building a website is much more than design!

How often I come across a client who had a website built by a web designer but had no technical background so when came to domain setup, e-mail troubleshooting and other technical difficulties they got stuck and had to involve heaps of time working this out. When looking at building your brand think more than just the website, it starts with a journey with technology that will empower you to strive and finding the right person who has that goal in mind is the key. Having someone that has technical knowledge can assist you with building more than a website as you need your mail system to be professional to your customers that works with your website along with many more integrations which a normal web developer just can do. See more for what I can do on my services page.


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