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Frequently Asked Questions

What time frame do you have on a website build?

Setting up a website takes some prep time along with discussions on what is required. As I’ve mentioned it’s like working as a team. Mostly will come down to content delivery from the client, initial design draft, technical setup and build time. Clients also need to take consideration that this is my second job and most of the development time is spent after hours and on weekends but saying that I should be able to get the website up and running with-in a month, sometimes longer. Generally, I work out an agreement with the customer what the best timeline is and go from there.

Do you provide support with my e-mail, if so what details would you need?

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How do I contact you?

I prefer communication via e-mail or Facebook Messenger. As most of my work is done after hours I can respond accordingly.

How do you accept payment?

Generally, accept payment via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). During and end of website or support project I will invoice with the appropriate bank details to send money to.