Google: Analytics

Written By Shane Taubman

August 23, 2018

Google Analytics setup

  • Google Account created for SEO.
  • Website / domain
Setup Google Analytics
  • Visit
  • Sign up
New Account
  • What would you like to track?
    • Website
  • Setting up your account
    • Account name: same as google seo account created. (TBT)
  • Setting up your property?
    • Website Name: add as required
    • Website URL: add https site if applicable
    • Industry: select as required
    • Reporting Timezone: select as required
  • Click “get tracking ID”
  • Accept License agreement and data sharing agreement
  • Take a copy of “Global Site Tag” & Tracking ID and copy script
  • Paste script in WordPress theme or pages in the <head> section of each required page.

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