Technical Support




Troubleshooting & Setup

How do I….? 

Always a common problem in today with websites being built is understanding the technology around it and setting up devices to manage your website and much more. As my knowledge in IT is very experienced as it’s my full-time job I help apply this with my web design work.

E-mail configuration(s) and troubleshooting

Home network configuration & Smart Technology

Software and hardware troubleshooting

DNS, Hosting, Domain Configuration, Internet..


Tech Services

G-Suite Migration

E-mail running slow or can’t get it to work properly on my phone or computer? Most business e-mail is run from their web host which is a bland e-mail system with limited security and features. Moving to Google Platform for business e-mail helps with that professional feeling, up-time and easy setup. Also can keep your @domainname as your e-mail address. Let me help get you on G-Suite for business..Starting from $400

Technology Advice

Knowledge is Power! As I’ve explained that my 9-5 job is in IT I’ve had many experiences in technology and how it all goes together to host your website or get your device to connect to your e-mail. Making the right choices with technology and your business can help you succeed! My advice and services can help with that goal! Just have a few questions about where to go with your website or how you get your e-mail up and going? I can help. Starting from $70 per 30mins.

Web & Domain Setups

Got a website built by a developer but does NOT known anything about servers, web hosting or domain names? I can help to work along with your designer to get your website live and working the right way. Sometimes e-mail doesn’t work because your designer/developer has changed server records to suite website but forgot about e-mail and other systems. Starting from $70 per 30 mins I can help with getting things on track!

Having the right advice is what stands you apart from your competitors!




Strong Knowledge

I have strong experience in software, hardware, and technologies throughout the IT and Web industries. Some are

Apple, iOS, macOS & tvOS software and hardware

Microsoft Office titles, Office 365 e-mail

Google, G-Suite, Docs, Sheets, Drive and much more...

Social Media Platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Dribble, Messenger, Twitter...

E-Commerce software including WooCommerce, Shopify and other vendors.