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Having a plan

Website Care

Maintaining your WordPress site can be time-consuming. Why does maintenance matter? A WordPress website is not a one-time build that’s ready to sustain itself throughout the life of your company or business. Just like a physical building it requires regular maintenance to repair breaks, clean up messes and make things look nice, your website needs the same thing.


Theme Updates

WordPress Theme updates from the developer or DIVI fix bugs, security and much more and should always be maintained.

Plugin Updates

Updating your WordPress plug-ins is vital as there are some developers that their code isn’t as good or leave holes in their software for malware. Auditing your plug-ins once a year is recommended.

Security & Malware Protection

Protecting your website and combating against viruses is something that should always be important especially in this age of technology and cyber threats.

Backup & Recovery

Always have a plan? Disaster recovery is something everyone should consider. If your web host gets compromised and need to move to a new host backup is a priority!

What to think about?


Websites are hosted on computers or servers so they are prone to attacks

What are the consequences if you have no backup? Backup is critical in any business!


Are you willing to look after your WordPress website with limited knowledge?


Having a support plan is vital for the success of your website…

Neglecting your website maintenance for too long results in a negative impact for your customers, google ranking, security, performance and much more.

Need someone to help if you web host or domain is going to expire? How to re-new?

Website is too slow and loosing work to competitors?


What You Get

Starting From $300 a year

Theme Updates

Regular Theme Updates Monitored

Full Customization

On-going design or content changes

Technical Advice

Any further technical issues resolved

Theme Support

Follow-up with Theme developer

Updates & Malware

Update plugins and scan for malware


Reports to client on updates 


Knowledge passed onto client


Want to start with website care plan?

I can start as soon as possible. Please fill out the form along with supplying your WordPress credentials and can then manage your website and keep it running at optimal performance all year round! Some other options are at additional costs which I’ll discuss with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

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