WordPress: Upload limit troubleshooting

Written By Shane Taubman

March 25, 2018

When you receive the following message after uploading the Theme of your choice after installing wordpress.

“The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini”

  1. Create info.php with the contents – <?php phpinfo(); ?> then save to root of home directory of website
  2. Confirm the following settings and the attributes.

memory_limit – This defines how much memory is allocated to PHP. You will simply need to ensure that this number is as high or higher than the upload limit you want to set.

post_max_size – This defines the maximum size that is handled in a POST request. We will need to set this to our new upload limit.

upload_max_filesize – This defines the maximum size for file uploads. This will also be set to our new upload limit.

Web Host PHP configuration

In most scenario’s best to change these settings/attributes via the web host “PHP options” under cPanel or administrative panel supplied.

Go Daddy

  1. Navigate to cPanel and navigate to “software” section
  2. Select PHP version
  3. Confirm running version. In most cases its version 6 or 7
  4. Click on link “Switch to PHP options”
  5. Edit the following to the recommended settings and click apply button.

upload_max_filesize – 128MB or Higher
memory_limit – 128MB (sometimes a default)
max_execution_time – 180

Click Save button.

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